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How to Create a Modern Home Office in a Historic Home

In the D Construction specializes in restoring historic homes throughout Detroit. More and more people are working from home. Here are some ideas and thoughts on how to create the Perfect Modern Home Office in a Historic Home…

Choose the right room


Most historic homes have a room coined the office. That said, this office space was designed 100 years ago and may not be the best space for a true “modern home office”. In a lot of cases, the office space was originally designed as a reading room, not a space that was intended to be used every day as your main work space. You may want to reserve this space as a formal wine or cigar room and convert another space in the home to your modern home office.

One room to consider is the third floor. Most historic homes have very large third floor spaces that are either unfinished or have been finished as an additional living space. This is a perfect space for a modern home office. It’s usually very open and lends well to space planning. Furthermore, a lot of these spaces include a full bathroom. This is incredibly convenient and an important amenity of the perfect modern home office “suite”.

Most importantly, the third floor home office also brings separation from the rest of the home. You get the feel of being at the office, but still have the convenience of being in your own home.

Less is More

Consider the minimalist approach. Only include the essentials.

Keeping your desk and office space clean with non-distracting touches of personality creates a space inspiring productivity and helps keep your head clear.

Incorporate a Seating Area


If you in fact choose to convert your third floor space into your home office, you typically are welcomed with a large space. This is perfect for you to create a true modern office suite with seating. Incorporate a couch, chairs and tables. This becomes a great space to relax and be creative including. Even a comfortable space to conduct in person meetings.

Remember your modern home office isn’t just where you sit at the computer. It’s the space you plan and conduct your entire business. It’s your world headquarters!

Cut the Cord

Go wireless! Wireless printers and scanners, two-in-one laptops paired with a wireless charging mat, wireless keyboard and thunderbolt docks if you need dual displays are all great examples of cutting the cord.

Cutting the cord gives you the ability to get up and move around this great modern office space you’ve created. Remember this is no longer the small cube office space that you may have been working in. You don’t need to be stuck at the desk anymore!

Embrace Technology

With more and more people opting to work from home, technology becomes paramount. Invest in good technology. You need the ability to quickly access information. You need the ability to communicate clearly with your pears in a way that is crisp and clean.

Video conferencing is probably the most important component to your modern home office. Don’t restrict yourself to your computer when video conferencing. Install a large video screen near your seating area. Give yourself the ability to get up and move around when video conferencing. Create an environment that feels like a conference room. A space for presentations.

Bring the Green

Obviously your home office is located inside. Bring the green. Incorporate the outdoors into your home office. Green office plants, etc. give you a feeling of not being cooped up in your office. Open the windows and feel the fresh air. Bringing the outdoors indoors truly helps you stay inspired and focused.

Bring the Inspiration

Even though your modern home office is located in your home, incorporate photos of your family, awards you’ve won, examples of your work, etc. This is your new world headquarters. Create an environment that you are proud of. A place that feels like work. This will keep you motivated and focused, which is sometimes hard to do with the distractions of being home.

The Bottom Line

Creating a modern home office in a historic home is easier than you think. Locate the home office in a space that provides separation from the rest of your home. Incorporate the best technology. Make sure you have a fully functioning work space. Take the time to design the space that you are proud to come to everyday. This is your new world headquarters. Your new Modern Home Office. Enjoy working from home. It’s one of the best things in the world.

Want help building out your new home office? Let know!

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